Life is better around the campfire.

Camping With a Parrot

We have three dogs and a parrot. The parrot is a Congo African Grey. Her name is Sammie or Sammie Girl or Samantha – she refers to herself by all three names, as do we. My dream is to someday spend a lot more time camping and take the pets with us. It is actually sort of an absurd idea with a menagerie this size, but maybe they can take turns coming with us. For

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Rules About Dogs

According to Rules and Regulations Governing Public Use of Corps of Engineers Water Resources Development Projects pamphlet, your animals should not emit noises. To be precise, Rule 327.11 Control of Animals states in paragraph (a) “No person shall allow animals to bark or emit other noise which unreasonably disturbs other people.”  That is not as strangely written as you might first think. We have a parrot; she barks. She also emits other noises, but more

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RV School

Today, I want to share some important information about a conference that would be awesome for any of you that are beginner campers like me, or those of you thinking about it, but not quite ready to commit. Coming up in Elizabethtown, Kentucky – which is just an awesome place to visit – is the RV Technical Education and Safety Conference. It sounds a little ominous and if you are worried it might be over

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Camping Tip from a Newbie

For the people that know me, the fact that I am camping may be somewhat surprising, but those that really know me know that I am far from predictable. Today’s camping tip comes from a lesson I learned during our first outing this past weekend. We all learn in different ways. I typically learn by diving in head first, making a mistake and correcting from there. To be honest, I don’t feel like I made

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