Life is better around the campfire.

A New Campground in a Different Part of the Country

We recently traveled to Montana. We landed in Bozeman (sadly we had to fly versus pull our camper due to time constraints) on Wednesday, August 14. Bozeman is located in the southern part of Montana and has a population of almost 47,000. It’s an awesome town. Great locally owned bars, restaurants and shops and several campgrounds. One of them is the Sunrise campground where my aunt and uncle stayed for a couple of nights. You

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What to Read on the Road

When I travel, I always take an armful of magazines and at least one or two books. I have very grand visions of spending all kinds of time reading and relaxing, and then I end up running around and exploring the place I find myself in and desperately on the way home trying to get at least one magazine read!! For those of you who can actually succeed at sitting and relaxing and reading I

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What’s up with Little Guy

If you have read the “About Us” section of this website, you will know that it was the Little Guy Max camper that got us interested in becoming dealers. I am going to be very frank with all of you on my thoughts and opinions about the RV industry. I have been in the auto industry for more than 26 years and in the RV business for slightly more than a year. While there are

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Turning Souvenirs Into Art

I want to get something from each campground I stop and stay in. I also want to be logical and make it something easy and lightweight. My original thought was to get a sticker at each place – see below – and then adhere it to the camper. Then I got to thinking, what if I do not spend the rest of my camping days in the same camper? I would ruin my stickers trying

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