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Tire safety is on the top of my list for newbies to the towable and drivable RV world. It also doesn’t hurt for seasoned travelers to give themselves a refresher and make sure that the good habits they started with have not fallen by the wayside as their confidence has grown.

I was reminded of this in my email this morning. I received this link and thought it would be a good one to share with all of you!

It is key to keep your tires properly inflated, to know what those numbers are, how to “read” your tires – the whole list they have posted should be heeded!

Here is another link to lessons from Gary Bunzer. He is a name you should become familiar with as he is the RV Doctor and offers a wealth of information. He’s an all-around nice guy! Visit his website at for answers to all kinds of questions you may have.

Next is your driving. There are plenty of people on the road with questionable driving skills. If you are positive you are an excellent driver, you might not be correct. Now you are not only going to be operating a car, but you may be moving up to a pick up or an SUV from a car. And then you are going to attach something to that. That thing you attach will seem to have a mind of its own when backing up. And it will (or at least it should) feel noticeably different to you then just tootling down the road in your vehicle.

When you get your towable or drivable RV, give yourself time to practice. Practice before you hit the road. Find a big, empty parking lot that you can go to and practice backing up and parking. Consider making your first trip close to home. Take back roads and enjoy the drive. Don’t be in a hurry ever!! Consider who you are traveling with. Do you already travel with a backseat driver, or one that constantly applies their pretend brake on the passenger side? These things can become unnerving in this new circumstance of towing.

Have an open and honest conversation before even buy your rig. Do you both want to drive? Do you need to discuss current habits that drive the other one crazy? You need to figure all this out before making an investment and then being the people at the rest stop or the campground that everyone is staring at because they have never heard those combinations of swear words coming out of people! (Think the public boat launch at the lake. I have learned many interesting combinations of curse words just hanging out nearby.)

Steph and I both fancy ourselves good drivers (I’m the better driver, but set that aside). When she is riding, she uses her pretend brake and calls out brake lights in the distance. And animals, and pedestrians, and other vehicles while also stating all the ways one can die on the road and keeping an eagle eye out for anyone dumb enough to operate a vehicle and use their cell phone at the same time.

When she is driving, I frequently have my head in my phone returning emails, texts, surfing social media or playing Candy Crush or Yahtzee. So we came to an agreement anytime we are towing or just driving without our camper rolling along behind us:

We both pay attention to the road. No phone for the passenger except to check something like the app iExit to plan a pit stop. We also travel with a big paper atlas so that can also be checked as needed by the passenger.

We are patient with each other and encouraging. I am more at ease with the drive while she is the master of backing up. We take our time, and take two lane roads when possible and practical. We stop a little more frequently to take a break and to maintain focus, and to see things! Isn’t that part of the point of being on the road?

One rule still under review is my ice crunching when we come across a place that has that good soft crumbly ice. She wants to forbid it and it’s one of my favorite things to do on the road!

If you really want to be prepared and be open to learning for your safety and the safety of those around you, consider driver training. I have provided a couple of links below to get you started! The second link is also a shameless plug for the upcoming FMCA RV Basics and Conference in Tucson, AZ in March. I will be speaking on a panel at RV Basics. Pretty exciting! For me anyway, maybe not so much for you!

Stay Safe when you Get Out & Go!



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