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Planning for 2020

Hello fellow campers, and those of you that want to try camping but have not done so yet! That is ok! I have only been camping twice in my life so far, yet I sell campers and I write about campers and camping. That is one of the many fun things about campers – they all love to share and to help those of us that are new to camping.

I want to kick off 2020 with photos from September and give you all some things to think about. Spring will be here before we know it!

This was a jaunt very close to home for us here in Central Illinois. In September, Stephanie and I ventured out to Willow Pond campground which is in the Middle Fork River Forest Preserve in Penfield, IL. We got a tour of the place, and I will write again soon to tell you a lot more about Willow Pond. On this particular visit we headed off on a little hike.

Bee on a flowermowed pathI took the photos you see here. Still beautiful color even as summer came to a close. One thing we were reminded of was to always carry a first aid kit with you – in your vehicle and in your camper. The one pictured is by American Traveler and has a lot of your basic supplies.



first aid kitinside of first aid kitA basic kit like this is plenty for people like us whose hike was actually a two-mile walk through gently rolling mowed grass paths. If we were climbing mountains or biking at rapid speeds, we might carry something a little more industrial. but for now this is plenty. Even on the groomed path we took that day, Steph managed to cut her leg on a tree branch, so it was nice to have some antiseptic handy to clean the cut when we returned to the Jeep in the parking lot.

It really is amazing the amount of information you can get just by doing a Google search for First Aid Travel Kits. They will give you ideas on kits you can buy already made up, kits you can put together yourself, kits for overseas travel, kits for adventure travel – the list goes on and on. This just seems like one of the many things you could shop for, or put together this winter while we wait for spring to come. If you already have one, this is the time to restock it and make sure everything is in order. You never know when you will trip, fall, get a splinter, get stung by a bee (please leave them alone and use your telephoto lens to take pictures) or any other number of things that can happen out in nature.

Nature is beautiful – and that is why we camp – but nature has a mind of her own. Also, some of us are clumsier than others. Normally, that is me.

So, stick with us for the rest of the winter. We will give you more information about a cool initiative at Willow Pond, and some info on the Dark Skies designation they are rightfully very proud of attaining. We will also show you gadgets, camper decorations, holiday camper gear, and handy equipment you might like.

We will talk about places to see and things to do in various areas. If you have anything you would like us to cover – just shoot me an email:

For now, enjoy these awesome photos, think of spring, or enjoy the warm sunny spot you may have the luxury of being in right now!


Let’s all Get Out & Go!
Jen & Steph


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