Camping is the answer.

Reasons to Buy

We are kicking off our fall clearance at Get Out and Go RV and I wanted to give you a solid list of reasons that you should buy a camper now – and save thousands of dollars in the process!

  1. It is fall. You are faced with some of the best camping weather of the year – crisp, cool and clear nights. You can enjoy a camp fire by night and not get too sweaty during the day!
  1. We have a great selection still in stock. You can choose from several floor plans in the Vintage Camper by Gulfstream, we have Little Guy Mini and Max campers, plus the new Camper Rover and the versatile Sylvan Sport GO.
  1. You could take advantage of an awesome 2018 Vintage Cruiser (19BFD) bunk house cabin that sleeps 4 with ease. It has a sticker price of $25,826. I will knock $10,000 off that price for you right now!! I wasn’t kidding when I said “Save Thousands.” That is just one example. Literally every single unit is on sale!!
  1. All of our campers are brand new and have full warranty that does not start until you take them home!
  1. You can spend the winter decorating your new camper!
  1. You can spend time planning your first trip of the spring – where you will go, how you will get there and what you can do when you arrive.
  1. It can take a year or so to get space in some of our national parks so the time to plan is now.
  1. Do it while you still can. Don’t think about it until it is too late!
  1. Take advantage of up to 10-year financing. You can get an incredibly low payment and rates are great right now. (Rates are based on your credit)
  1. You can use the utility trailer mode on your Sylvan Sport GO to go pick up the Christmas tree, or the 100lb pumpkin, or the flock of frozen turkeys that you and Les Nessman are going to toss out of the helicopter for Thanksgiving.
  1. You will be ready to hook up and haul ass to Florida or Arizona at the first sign of snow and ice!
  1. The savings are too good not to mention one more time. Thousands off all remaining Vintage Cruisers, Little Guy/Xtreme Outdoors Mini, Max and Camp Rover, and huge savings on all SylvanSport GO units and accessories!

Come in now so we can help you Get Out & Go!


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