Camping is the answer.

Kentucky Setup

Ram TruckThis is not going to be much of an article. I just want everyone to see our setup at Elizabethtown, Kentucky. You will note the beautiful Ram truck; that is for sale at Ford of Hoopeston. If you like rumbly exhaust this is the truck for you!

I cleaned the picnic bench and went with the 4th of July themed items as I haven’t gotten any others. I like to find our camping things on clearance!

I put our flag out. The ground is hard as hammered hell so I just stuck it the first place it would actually go into the ground!


reading materialsPillowInside you will see an awesome Get Out and Go pillow. That is courtesy of my sister Kate, who sells 31 products, and I hope to figure out a way to sell some of this awesome stuff on line at some point.

Then you will see my reading material. I am always overzealous with what I think I will get read while traveling. And of course our bar is set up with other nutritious things like Hunters Mix (this stuff is awesome and I bought it at Farm and Fleet), chocolate chip cookies, homemade granola, mixers and Tito’s. We should be good to go!


Actually there are a few restaurants in Elizabethtown that we really like, and lunch is supplied for us at the RVSEF Conference so we didn’t pack our new camp stove for this trip. We really won’t be eating at our site.

For us, the fun of travel is finding some of the local flare – shops, restaurants, etc. I will fill you in on these places in case you decide to come to Elizabethtown.

On another note, I love camping due to the wild animals. So far here we have just seen chickens and squirrels, but as we sit at our picnic table writing there was a very loud thump. It was a squirrel falling out of one of the trees beside our camper. Don’t worry. He seemed fine. We think he was pushed, because after he fell another squirrel came down the trunk of the tree and made mad squirrel noises at us. I love nature!


Enjoy life and Get Out & Go,



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