Camping is the answer.


We are on the move again!

We checked into our campground: Elizabethtown Crossroads Campground in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. This is private campground, meaning people own it. It is not an Army Corp of Engineers campground like Lake Shelbyville in Illinois. The cost for our spot is $28 per night. Compare that to a hotel!

It has a pool (closed this time of year) and an office that is also a little shop. I will go shopping later and let you know what I find! There is a playground, a place for volleyball and horseshoes, a laundry facility, a catch and release fish pond and tent camping. Our spot has full hook-ups, pictured here.

campsite hookups

The hook-ups are very close to the camper so no need to get our stinky slinky out. I helped by handing Steph the surge protector. I will do a photo on that later. I highly recommend everyone get one. You plug it in first and it has an array of lights to tell you if the electricity is working properly.

Anyway, Steph and I seem to have found our best way to set up after driving, which can be stressful. The wind loves the camper behind your truck, the traffic going through larger towns, the other drivers – these can all be stressful, especially when you are new to this like we are.

So, as you set up your home away from home, find your chores and do them giving the other person space. We both worked on unhooking the truck from the camper and getting the anti-sway hitch stored. I got out all the supplies, and handed her what she needed – like the surge protector that I will write about later. I hooked one end of the water hose to the camper. Contrary to common knowledge, to tighten the water hose you turn the thing to the left. Common knowledge tells you “righty tighty, lefty loosey” so this did not seem correct. Once on, she turned on the water at the pump. As you see in the photo, it is like an old well handle. Some water leaked out at the camper connection so she shut it off and I tightened it some more. Then all was good.

Then the sewer hose. I had gotten out the poop tote which contains the sewage hose, the fittings, and some heavy duty rubber gloves. I don’t know what happened next, but I was called into the camper by a mysterious voice to do something that needed doing urgently. So I missed the actual hook up part.

She and I both laid out our outdoor rug, folded in half as our spot is not huge, but it is nicely shaded. Then I went on with the interior set up. I will post those pictures later!

potluck posterAs a reward for getting set up we could have joined in a campground potluck. I guess we could have brought our chips. But we could have played bingo for money!! Sadly, it didn’t happen – one of us hit the wall and the other one was hangry. So we made a little dinner and finished setting up the inside and called it a night early!


Get out and go!!


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