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Another Montana Activity

I am very torn on this outdoor activity: horseback riding. And I love horses!

This was a beautiful ride, but it was very steep in places, with a very narrow, very rutted path. My horse, Shooter, was very antisocial. He tried to bite every person and every horse he could get to, but not me. We reached a meeting of the minds right away! I kept him away from the other horses so we had a fine ride, but I felt bad for him. Maybe walking or cantering through a meadow for a bit would be fine, but he didn’t need to schlep my sturdy behind up and down a mountain.

There were about 14 of my family members on the ride and we had some issues. Some people who struggled to mount their trusty steed, more that had to just about fall off to dismount, some that were in pain halfway through and just wanted to cry or gallop back to the barn, and one person who almost got thrown, but she hung on!

My nephew gave it a resounding thumbs up and said his horse, Little Buddy, was very happy the whole time. My nephew weighs 70 lbs. Little Buddy had the easiest passenger of the day by far!

Anyway, this is one of the many activities you can do while enjoying the great outdoors. There was a group of women at our lodge who hauled their horse trailers to bring their own horses to ride the trails. Now that is an entirely different type of towing that I will not get into. A shifting load is another thing all together!

The point of this was threefold: to show you some more pictures of how beautiful Montana is, to ask you to consider perhaps stuffing a backpack and hauling yourself up and down the trails, and to give you a virtual horseback ride video. You can clop some coconuts together Monty Python-style, bob your head up and down, and pretend you are riding!

On one last note, in addition to owning Get Out and Go RV, I also own Ford of Hoopeston. So, in case you do have a horse trailer to haul and need a new truck, you can come see us!!

Get Out & Go Enjoy Life,


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