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A New Campground in a Different Part of the Country

We recently traveled to Montana. We landed in Bozeman (sadly we had to fly versus pull our camper due to time constraints) on Wednesday, August 14. Bozeman is located in the southern part of Montana and has a population of almost 47,000. It’s an awesome town. Great locally owned bars, restaurants and shops and several campgrounds.

CamperOne of them is the Sunrise campground where my aunt and uncle stayed for a couple of nights. You will see a photo of the 5th wheel my aunt and uncle bought. It’s really nice – too big for me – but nice. We are all there for a little “Welcome to Bozeman” gathering.

I wandered around the campground to give you a feel for something very different from the campground you saw in our photos in Shelbyville, Illinois. This campground had laundry facilities – very clean and very handy to have those! They had a great map of the area posted, and it even advertised other campgrounds and hotel/motel options. I hope you people my age and older spot Big Boy on this map!!

Stinky SlinkyThere is something else to be mindful of: how close together these spots are. You can see that in the photo I took of the stinky slinky. By now you realize that I have an odd fascination for those. The other camper is literally a foot away. Then look between at the campers across the road. Very close.

Is that ok? Sure it is. For some of you. For others you might not like that kind of spacing. It is Montana, so are you going to hang out at your camper or are you going to hit one of the many trailheads, or get in a river and fly fish? It is all very much up to what you can tolerate!

This campground was very quiet, very clean and the people that own it were very nice according to Katie and Pat. And you may not do more than sleep in your camper!

Here are some of the awesome stores/bars/restaurants you can visit if you go there:

  • Altitude Gallery
  • Earth’s Treasures – my brother in law bought an amazing piece of petrified wood here
  • Heyday – this is the store with those hard cover classic books from my recent article on “What to Read”
  • Schnee’s– Steph and I bought some adorable Keen shoes here
  • Rocking Bar– good sandwiches and sides and really good cocktails
  • The Cannery– the fact that they have a sign out front that says “Sorry, we’re open” is good enough.
  • Montana Honey Bee Company – one more store. This is the store that I want Heather to open. You don’t know Heather but she does all our behind the scenes stuff to get these articles out to you! And she has bees.

bearLast link! This where we stayed, and where I took a one-eyed selfie with the grizzly bear – Western Heritage Inn. It was not fancy, but it was clean, it served breakfast and soup in the evening, the location was great, the parking was free and the people running it could not have been nicer! So when you can’t camp but you still want to GET OUT & GO – you can stay here in Bozeman!




If you can camp, how about something like this!

Vintage CruiserNormal retail of $25,756, but because you took the time to read this, let me know and get it for $18,250. Queen size bed, beautiful red interior (just like ours) dinette that makes into an additional bed, dry bath, full kitchen and more. You can see more pictures on line!!

No more excuses – Get Out & Go!



Laundry facilitiesMap Can you find Big Boy?

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