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What to Read on the Road

When I travel, I always take an armful of magazines and at least one or two books. I have very grand visions of spending all kinds of time reading and relaxing, and then I end up running around and exploring the place I find myself in and desperately on the way home trying to get at least one magazine read!! For those of you who can actually succeed at sitting and relaxing and reading I have some suggestions.

ROVA MagazineThe magazine of choice is called ROVA. You can find them at As soon as we started looking for an RV, I came across this magazine and fell in love. The stories are short, easy to ready and fun; the photographs are amazing. You can buy it on the newsstand every other month, or you can go to their website and get a subscription for one or two years. Seriously, even if all you do is look at the pictures, get this magazine. I have every issue since I began my subscription. They are too beautiful to put in the recycle bin. I may pass them on to another interested party.



BooksThe books pictured are old classics – outdoorsy classics – and you may have already read them, but they are all worth another read. What stood out to me were the covers and the bindings on these versions by Gibbs Smith Publishing. Here is a little blurb about them, which makes it even more interesting! I decided that I wanted all four books to keep in our camper. We were in Montana when I found them so Steph dissuaded me from buying them and lugging them home on the plane. So now I am online tracking them down, which is how I came about this info on the husband wife team that started this publishing house!

A humble publishing house now based in Utah, Gibbs Smith was founded by a husband-and-wife duo in a 1968 sculptor’s studio in Santa Barbara, California. Having scraped together enough money to start his own venture, Gibbs and Catherine started up their own publishing company and moved to a barn in Utah – cows and chickens below, and office space on the second story. They still publish fantastic books of all kinds today, from cookbooks to school books to special interest categories.

Van Life BookThe final book pictured is “Van Life” by Foster Huntington. Again, the pictures make this worth the purchase. In 2011, at the age of 23, Mr. Huntington left his job as a designer at Ralph Lauren, sold his NYC apartment and moved into a van and began his journey! Amazing. And yes, I am just a little bit jealous of his new life and the courage it took to make that leap!




Mini Max
A Max deal on a Mini!

We hope you can Get Out and Go and we would like to help you do just that by offering our first very special deal that only those of you that read this article will see!! (You are, of course, welcome to share it with your friends and family)

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