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What’s up with Little Guy

If you have read the “About Us” section of this website, you will know that it was the Little Guy Max camper that got us interested in becoming dealers.

I am going to be very frank with all of you on my thoughts and opinions about the RV industry. I have been in the auto industry for more than 26 years and in the RV business for slightly more than a year. While there are many similarities there are also many differences and in a lot of ways the RV world is still like the wild west!

They are taking a lot of positive steps, but just do not have all the checks and balances in place like the auto industry does. The auto industry is where it is, in large part, due to the government being so involved and I think the RV industry is headed there too. They care about safety, dealer’s rights, technical training and all the issues surrounding quality of the products. In my opinion things are all moving in the right direction – and it is fun to be part of the ride.

But, I digress – back to Little Guy. You likely have heard the rumors and seen the comments if you follow any of this on social media. Little Guy has sold their assets to XtremeOutdoors.

The owners of Little Guy are still involved and they have done this in an effort to stay on the forefront of quality and innovation. They seem to have understood when they took it as far as they could by themselves and then sought the right strategy to move the product into the next stage. They are giving themselves the ability to increase production, address quality issues that seem to have been brought about by very rapid growth.

I think it is the right strategy. I have spoken personally to Joe Kicos, one of the Little Guy owners, and I am told that all warranties will still be honored, and all claims will still be paid to dealers. All I can do at this point is trust him, and hope for the best. It really is an awesome product, brought about by a vision for something above and beyond in the industry.

We still carry the product; we have 2019 models in stock and a few 2020 models. I am not sure yet what all is on the horizon, but I am going to be anxiously awaiting next steps.

 Here is a link to a video made by The Air Force guy who addresses all kinds of things in this industry. You can also look to Janine Pettit – Girl Camper for her thoughts. There will be much more to come on all of this, but this is what I know right now and I still highly recommend the Little Guy products for those of you that want high quality, high end finishes and all the modern conveniences tucked into a beautiful and well thought-out tear drop camper.


Little Guy exterior  Little Guy interior



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