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Turning Souvenirs Into Art

I want to get something from each campground I stop and stay in. I also want to be logical and make it something easy and lightweight. My original thought was to get a sticker at each place – see below – and then adhere it to the camper. Then I got to thinking, what if I do not spend the rest of my camping days in the same camper? I would ruin my stickers trying to remove them all, so I should stick them to something I can take with me.

My next thought was to buy a lightweight canvas. I could paint it a color or multiple colors and stick my stickers there and hang it in the camper. This would work well and I could take it with me. It would be sort of a sad work of art at first. It would be my one lonely sticker from Lake Shelbyville, at least for now. That would not bother me; it would spur me on to visit more campgrounds and continue to work on my piece of art.

I was telling HT (she does our social media posting and proof reads the stuff before she posts it – you will note that she leaves my random and odd punctuation – at least I think she does – as my writing is just like me talking to you. Hopefully she corrects my spelling errors. But I just dump the thoughts out of my brain. I don’t really proof read or spend a ton of time. Once a thought enters my brain I get it out as quickly as possible. Limited space.)

Anyway, HT, who knows how to sew, told me there is some cool vinyl material, or plether if you are so inclined. I could just stick my stickers on there, sew a pocket to run a dowel rod through and get some decorative cord to hang it. That too is a lightweight and good idea.

Now I would like to hear from all of you who camp. What do you collect from each location? How do you display it? Have you seen the Long, Long Trailer with Lucille Ball? I only mention that movie as I won’t be collecting rocks from each place. If you have a camper and you haven’t seen that movie you should; it’s sort of funny. So, go for it! Tell me what you collect and how you display.  Post pictures and let’s see your ideas!!

Thanks for reading and sharing – now Get Out & Go!!


P.S. HT here! I do not keep Jen’s odd punctuation. You can thank me later.

bumper sticker

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