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Today, I want to share some important information about a conference that would be awesome for any of you that are beginner campers like me, or those of you thinking about it, but not quite ready to commit.

Coming up in Elizabethtown, Kentucky – which is just an awesome place to visit – is the RV Technical Education and Safety Conference. It sounds a little ominous and if you are worried it might be over your head, stop worrying!! Actually, some it might be over your head at first, but you will learn just like Stephanie and I did last year when we attended! They offer so many classes. Everything from how to set up when you arrive (electrical, propane, plumbing) to how to travel with your pet, how to cook in your camper and more. It is completely geared to consumers; we were the first dealers to attend and we have the certificates to prove it!

Steph took the hard courses and things I felt overwhelmed by, like the black water tank and the electrical. I took classes on how to camp with your pets, and how to find cool websites about camping. And I did take some more technical classes, and will try to take more of those this year!

Anyway: the exciting part this year!! We will be in attendance again and I will be teaching two classes! “On what?” you may be asking. Well, while I don’t know a lot about camping yet, I know a whole lot about the auto business and how to finance a purchase, what warranty is all about, if service contracts are necessary and what in the heck gap insurance is and do you need any of this. You see, I have been in the auto business for more than 26 years and so much of that translates to the RV/camper side. I also am pretty well versed in things like GVWR, tongue weight, etc.

So if you are interested, here is the link or see it all pictured on the pretty brochure below. Trust me, it really is worth your time – you will learn a lot. I can’t wait to go back!

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