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More Beginner Camping Thoughts

Today I was going to write about the “tear down” of our campsite on Sunday, but then I was just catching up on a couple of other blogs I like and found I would sort of be copying one. But it makes some great points so I will share it with you!

Actually I just went to the site I thought I saw it on and can’t find it. Anyway this couple has a ton of great info so I am sharing their site with you:

They have a lot of experience, are fellow Illinois residents and I have had the chance to meet them both. Follow both of us for some different perspectives!!

While I am sharing – if you aren’t already following Janine Pettit, Girl Camper, here is here site: She has a bunch of podcasts you can listen to with tons of good information!

So back to my topic … as this was our first time camping (well, my first time, and our first time together) set up and tear down can be a bit stressful. There is a lot to do, it concerns matters of safety and comfort, and you might be tired from the drive, or the weekend of camping. Try to take your time. Be kind to each other. If you start to lose your temper, walk away and take a breath. You might not figure out who is to do what on the first trip but you will get into a routine the more you camp. We actually did well for our first trip – at least I thought so.

Some tips:

Starting inside, make sure things are secure, put the decorative items back in safe places, make sure cabinets are secured and not over loaded, make sure things won’t be sliding all over the place. Take the trash out. Make sure any items you need accessible are in the tow vehicle.

Once the inside is secured, move outside. Pack up your outdoor accessories. Steph did a great job of organizing our stuff into totes before the trip. We have a tool box, a tote of electrical items – plugs, adapters, etc., our tote for things dealing with the plumbing, a tote for things like a lantern, bug spray, citronella candles, outside party lights, and other fun stuff! We also brought a table to use outside the camper, bag chairs, our bags (cornhole here in the Midwest) game and some stakes that are actually cupholders!

Make sure the stuff in your tow vehicle is secured and easy to get to if needed. And remember to tow safely – you can’t be overloaded!! You may get the load moving, but you need to be able to stop it once you are rolling down the road!

Now you can Get Out & Go! Have fun and be patient and kind! You will figure it all out!



The set up.

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