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Camping Lesson from Day 3

As a first time camper, I don’t know if this is true just yet, but it seems that camping places have an information board near the check in station, guard shack. I am sure there are a lot of varieties across the campgrounds of the world. Ours at Lake Shelbyville in Shelbyville, IL had just a small building that you drove or walked up to to check in. Once inside, there was a nice information board, pictured below, with some close ups of the more important things posted.

You will want to know the address of the place you are staying, and the local numbers to call if you need help – help that is not urgent enough for 911 – but a lesser amount of non-life threatening help. Also where to tune in for local news and weather. Weather is a big one. Weather events like tornadoes should not be ridden out in a camper or RV.

This particular station also had a life jacket loaner program. I’m guessing this is all on the honor system, but you have to have a life jacket for every person in your floating vessel. Always better to be safe than sorry!

This is a US Army Corps of Engineers property, and my guess would be that the rules are the same across the country. The green pamphlet spells out all the rules in great detail. It matches the green pamphlet pictured in another photo. You can take a copy to peruse at your leisure back at your camp site. The rules are meant to keep you safe, help you enjoy your time while camping, keep others around you safe, and if you read and follow them, it keeps you from being a jerk. If you see someone breaking the rules you should alert someone in charge at the campground. Do not take matters into your own hands! If it is a minor infraction, you may want to simply point the person in the direction of the information board and say something in a calm voice like, “You must not have seen the rules posted near the check in station. If you had, you surely would not be letting your cow graze here at the campsite which is addressed in Section 327.11(d) of the rules and regulations.”

The other brochure I picked up and will keep for future reference is about all the things to do in this park – camping, hiking, biking, enjoying the lake, horseback riding, etc. I intend to go back to this place so this info will come in handy! I also intend to stay at the exact same campsite; full hook-ups are pretty awesome, especially for a first timer like me. It was not even close to roughing it. That was thanks to the hook-ups and to the fact that we have a three piece dry bath in our camper. More on bathrooms later!


Thanks for reading – now we hope that you too can Get Out & Go!


Information board
The information board at the check in station.
Emergency numbers
Emergency numbers and location information. Make sure you have this!
The green brochure is your take-home version of the rules.

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