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Thursday, August 1

This was my first day ever of camping! The day started with loading the rest of the things in the camper. (It would be interesting to see what it weighs. We will get it weighed at some point and I will report on that when it happens.) We then staged things for the bed of the truck.

The camper has our clothes in it, dishes, small appliances, and some food items in the cupboards. We have had the camper plugged in and so filled the fridge since it was cool, using that as a cooler for the one and a half hour trip to our destination.

All of the toiletries are in a couple of containers and secured in the shower. Nothing yet in the medicine cabinet. Towels in a nice cubby shelf above the toilet.

We headed out sticking to two-lane state roads the whole way, which as I mentioned earlier, was only about an hour and a half away from home. But we have decided to stick to small roads as much as possible in our travels, stop where we want to and see the sights. Isn’t that what this sort of lifestyle is all about?

We did make one stop at a larger-sized convenience store/bait shop/liquor store and slot machine hut. I like to look at all the camping supplies they stock so we can determine what we might have forgotten or what we might want for future camping trips.

In this particular display we did see some Velcro strips to hang lights from around the awning, and we saw something we still don’t know what to do with at the camp site: pantyhose. Feel free to send us a message with any ideas you have about this.

We got to our site at Lake Shelbyville with full hook-ups and nice shade. It is perfect! Well, I suppose just shy of perfect. Actually being water-front would be perfect, but this is close enough.

Steph’s parents were at the next site (here for a family reunion) and her dad was a big help with our first set up. Steph got our rig, a Vintage Cruiser by Gulfstream 19CSK, backed in just fine and then we (and by we, I mean Steph and her dad – I watched) checked to make sure the camper was level. After that we unhooked from the truck, and then set the stabilizer feet and hooked up. Shut off the power at the pole before plugging in your camper! Plug it in and flip the power on. Attach the clean water hose to the water supply and turn that on, then attach your sewer/grey water hose to the clean-out. Turn your water heater to electric and then you are good to go! It really is nice for the first trip to have full hook-ups.

We then set about organizing the inside of the camper for daily use, got the outside area set up and our awning out. It’s not too breezy, so perfect to have the extra shade with no fear of it ripping off in the wind!

I am sure it will change over the course of the weekend and as we travel, but we are off to a good start!


The full rig
The full rig in all it’s glory. She’s pretty!
supplies for sale
Um…do I need pantyhose for camping?

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