Camping is the answer.

First GO Setup

On Friday, Steph and I set up a GO by ourselves for the first time at the Street Fest party for the Illinois Marathon. The wind was blowing at 22 mph; this is not a problem for the GO as it is built to withstand higher winds than this. People will tell you that they have come through 35-40 mph winds in their GO.

Anyway, back to the story or our first set up. And keep in mind, while I co-own Get Out and Go RV, I have never camped one day in my life. This was like a maiden voyage for me.

I tend to get crabby when I can’t do something immediately; Steph can suffer from being hangry. These two attributes when put together can make things exciting!

To be honest, earlier in the day I went back to YouTube and watched a video of Earl setting it up once more. Steph already had it all locked in her brain. When we arrived at the venue there were a lot of other vendors trying to get into their spaces, so we were delayed by others…making me happier than usual.

When we finally got parked and got to work, we put one GO in toy hauler mode. That took 3 minutes. The other one we fully set up. And we did it all in under 30 minutes; about 45 minutes for our full set up with table, banner, chairs, staging, but the camper itself was a dream to set up.

display set up
The set up at the marathon.Display at marathonAnother view of our display.

Notes on staging: I will give some credit.  The pillows came from Dollar General – $8 each. Firefly lights came from Michael’s – normally $12, but they tend to publish coupons. These run on 2 AAA batteries each. And don’t forget – the table in the GO is actually a white board. Happily, there was a Walgreens a block away and I went there and got a set of white board markers and an eraser. What a great idea. If you have a rainy day you can play Pictionary or just draw dirty pictures on that table and then wipe it off – one of the many, many reasons I love this three-in-one.

Steph in a GO
Steph relaxes after setting up.
inside the GO
Firefly lights and the white board table.

Here are camping lessons I learned that day:

  • Being crabby doesn’t help.
  • Your tool box should contain things like hairbands. When the wind is blowing 22 mph the last thing you need is your hair blowing in your eyes the whole time you are trying to set up. I actually had two hairbands in my pocket, just in case one broke. Score one for the novice!
  • You need a nail file. I did break a nail during set up. While actually breaking it was not traumatizing to me, if I had to go around all evening with a jagged nail things would have gotten ugly. I would have resorted to biting it off. And really, we are outside. Not a lot of access to hand washing so putting my finger in my mouth seemed like a less than ladylike thing to do. Score again for the novice for having an emery board in my purse.
  • Packing a cooler, even for a few hours is a must. You can never have too much water, or a spare snack. It’s always better to be prepared!

So that was my first mini outing. People there seemed to love the GO. What is not to love! Now, to get away and actually be able to spend a weekend camping in one. All in good time.

Wishing you the chance to Get Out & GO,



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