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Why We Sell What We Sell

At this point in time at Get Out & Go RVl, we only sell three brands of campers. We keep our eyes open for more cool things and have seen a couple of other brands we like. We will fill you in on those if they ever become part of our inventory. But for now: Why Little Guy? Why Vintage Cruiser? Why SylvanSport?

It all started with Stephanie finding the Little Guy on line and we loved it. If you have read the ‘about us’ page, you can skip this paragraph. The closest dealer was more than 150 miles from us. I was poking around on their website and found a link that said “Become a Dealer”. Knee jerk reaction Jen decided to hit that button, fill out the application and then tell Steph what I had done. I heard back right away: there were no dealers in this area, they liked all my years of experience as a car dealer and they invited us to Somerset, PA, to see what they were all about. We liked what we saw. The place they build them is huge. It is all done by humans as they push the unit from one station to the next and build them from the frame up. Everyone was very personable, answered all of our questions and seemed genuinely excited for us to join the Little Guy family. So we did.

Our next brand was not actually on our radar at all. We went to RVDA (RV Dealer Association) Conference in Las Vegas and came upon them on the trade show floor. The Vintage Cruiser by Gulf Stream. They use the same exterior material – Azdel – which is a composite material that allows fewer issues with leaking and delamination. They were also incredibly cute. The whole vintage vibe is so in right now, and in a perfect world, I would have the time and the talent to find real vintage campers in need of some TLC and fix them up. I don’t have those skill sets that I am aware of, and this way you get something that looks vintage, that you can decorate with authentic vintage items, but it has all the brand new amenities and a two year warranty – sort of the best of two worlds. They are now part of the lineup.

The newest member of the Get Out & GO family is the SylvanSport GO. Do you see what I did there? We were sort of meant to be together! We had been ogling these units online and headed to RVX – a big trade show in Salt Lake City – in search of them. We won’t bring anything in unless we have actually had our hands on it! We found their area and the love affair truly took off. We met the owner of the company and the brains behind this creation that has won two Thomas Edison awards for the way it is built. It was dubbed the Coolest.Camper.Ever by National Geographic and the people that run this place are awesome.

Here is a sidebar. They are also diverse. We were greeted by a woman, there was a man of color, a man of a different nationality, some were young, some were older, but the bottom line is they looked like a microcosm of the real world. We hit it off with all of them, and filled out our order for our first load of GO Pro campers right then and there.

So why GO? Because they are handcrafted. They are built like small tanks. They do a multitude of jobs; they can haul cargo, they can haul your bikes, kayaks, your motorcycle, mower, 4-wheeler and then they turn into a large tent with tons of amenities. Pockets, nets, things tucked everywhere. I love lots of pockets and secret compartments. And I love the color green they use. I also love this highly engineered unit because when you get right down to it, its genius is in its complex simplicity.

There will be more to come on all of these units, but this gives you an idea of why we sell what we sell.

We look forward to helping you make a purchase that will help you Get Out & Go!


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