Camping is the answer.

Selecting your RV

This should probably have been the first article I wrote, but better late than never.

When you go out to look for your RV, camper, motorhome – whatever style and whatever you call it – the top priority should be to like the people you are working with. This may not always be possible. You may not live close to a dealer with the product you want. You may want something that is very specific or in limited availability. But if you have a choice, please buy with people you feel you can trust.

This type of purchase is generally not a necessity. It is something you are getting so you can get out and relax, or explore or head out on grand adventures. The whole experience should be fun and gratifying.

Understand that as dealers there are things we have to do. We have to know that your tow vehicle is appropriate for the item you want to pull. If I ask for your vehicle identification number (VIN,) it is to check the specs on your tow vehicle. Your VIN is not top secret info. I can go out to any parking lot at any time and read the VINs through the windshield on all the vehicles out there. I am asking you this for a reason. Can you pull the camper you want and even more importantly, can you stop the camper once you are pulling it.

We have to ask you how you plan to pay for it. Legally, if you have taken out a loan from your own bank or credit union, we need to post the lien properly. If you need financing, we can arrange that and we will need more information. We are obligate to offer every customer every product we have available. So if you finance, we will offer you GAP insurance. That is insurance the covers the gap in what you owe and what the value of the RV is at the time it is declared a total loss. I am researching extended service contracts. Once I choose the ones we want to offer, we will offer them to you as well. You do not have to take what is offered, but you get to make the choice. Frequently the choice to add these protections to your purchase makes a lot of sense.

We do have to have proof of insurance on your new RV. We can’t let you drive it away without the proper proof of insurance. We have to be certain that your tow vehicle is rated to safely tow the camper you buy. We want you to find a unit you love, that will allow you to get out and explore and relax and live life the way you want to live it.

Get Out & Go have fun picking out your new camper!

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