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I am going to wrap up the material we learned during the opening session of the RVSEF Technical Education and Safety Conference. Keep in mind that this seminar goes on for a total of four more full days. There are many articles coming your way!

This is information from a gentleman named David Mihalick. He is Sr. Director of Vehicle Safety Regulatory Compliance for Thor Industries. Thor is the parent company for a bunch of camper manufacturers, but that is not what this article is about.

If you want to get really technical you can look up the following:

The above alphabet soup are national agencies, acts, and codes that all affect you in your RV and out on the open road. The takeaway from that list: the federal government along with groups like RVIA and RVDA are all working on regulations that protect you and keep you safe! If you want to read the national electrical code you are welcomed to. I will not be doing that anytime soon.

Here are some easier to understand things that he shared with the group. The top three things you need to know for RVing. Keep in mind, this is one expert’s opinion.

  1. Know your weights! Don’t overload your RV – know what your stuff weighs! Did you know for instance that one gallon of water weighs 8 lbs?
  2. Prior to Plugging In
    • Test the electrical
    • Get a non-contact probe and touch it to any metal on the skin of your unit. It will light up and warn you if the skin is “hot.” In English that means there can be an issue with the hook up at a campground that can electrify the metal on your camper. That is very dangerous. You should get in contact with the office at the campground and ask to be moved and explain your concern.
    • Get a continuity tester. It checks your electrical circuits to make sure the current is flowing properly. It is confirming that the electricity is flowing between two points.
  3. Educate Yourself! Become familiar with your unit.

Two other tidbits of great information:

  • Check your tire pressures every time you head out!
  • Know the source that is giving you advice. Are they really experts in their fields? Campground expert? Industry expert? As in many industries, you can find various opinions on everything. On this website we will always try to make sure that we tell you where we got this information.

I will most certainly also give you my opinion on things. It’s what I do. But I will tell you that it is simply my opinion! For instance if you get to the Bluegrass State and find yourself near Elizabethtown, Kentucky and want to go out to dinner instead of cooking at your campsite, head to the old downtown and visit a place called the Wicked Eyed Woman. It is a quirky place with awesome cocktails and amazing food!

Get Out & Go be safe! Get Out & Go get educated!

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