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RVSEF Conference – Speaker #2

Sharon Lee with Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA)

Sharon is the Education Senior Director for RVIA. She discussed a standardized program for RV technicians. Right now RV tech training and certification is voluntary. With this new initiative and a headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana, the RV industry will be creating a clear career path for existing and new technicians.

It will become closely aligned with the rigorous training that franchise automotive technicians and ASE certified technicians undergo. Much of the training will be web based and then will culminate with hands on training at the institute that is being built in Elkhart.

That is great news for us. Elkhart is not far away and I have a couple of very skilled auto technicians who have RV experience. They can now become certified once they work through the rigorous program. Curriculum development is underway.

We are thrilled that there will be standardized training and intend to take full advantage of this new program. Stay tuned in for updates as they occur! In the meantime we will continue to train and learn for the Little Guy brand we sell. We have a direct link to the plant in Somerset and they can walk my techs through any questions that come up!

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